Friday, January 3, 2014

Hey, CFSD fans, there is a very important new link on this page!

That, my friends, is the latest stage of the 10-year plan.  It was developed with feedback from Cedar Falls citizenry, CFSD faculty, staff, and administration (including the school board) and used data analysis and recommendations from Fielding Nair.  This version was the one we agreed upon during our 12/9 open meeting - those present saw a candid, frank discussion.  My New Year's Resolution is to help get these meetings televised, so more people can see this important process.

Right now it is being looked at by our facilities committee, and our schools' staff, and then it needs to be discussed by you.  Everyone reading these words.  Everyone in town who cares about Cedar Falls education.  I hate the term "stakeholders" in this context, because everyone who lives here is a stakeholder.  "This is a competitive world" is already a cliche, and here we are in a world that is getting more competitive than it was.  Our cities' future is tied into the future of our children's schools.  I also hate the term "10 year plan."  While it is an outline for what we are should do for the next ten years, Jim Brown pointed out to me that the effect of what we do will last for 50 years or more. We have to do this right.  And that means pooling all our expertise.

Soon we will be asking the public to weigh in - and I'm hoping you do so.  Our children need you to. And the first step is clicking that link, and seeing where we are so far.