Thursday, August 14, 2014

Some answers (II)

I was having a drink with a friend who often disagrees with me on things political.  We like each other a lot, and respect each other a lot, and so that's fine.  I know that sometimes I am right, and sometimes he is wrong, and it's all good.  If he could be persuaded to run for office, I'd vote for him.

Anyway, he brought up a really good point when we were having that drink, and I'm making it the subject of today's post.

(Disclaimer: The following is my own take on things, and I am not speaking for anyone else. I'm posting as a person, not as a member of the school board. This blog is for my feelings about the school board, not necessarily representing them. This is me, not CFSD. Got it?

The official word on all things bond related is here: .)

The current High School used to have 1500 students. Why do we need more room now than we did 40 years ago? 

Things aren’t the same as they were back in the day.  For example, Special Education wasn’t “a thing” 40 years ago. Since then Special Education has been become mandatory and that added staff and, of course, space needs.  If you are in the high school, ask to see visit the rooms in the basement.  There are also more classes offered, including over twenty Hawkeye Community College classes taught at the high school. There are computer labs, AP courses, vocational courses which take up extra space but give students direct career training.  The days when "school" meant a bunch of rooms with over 30 kids in each room seated in rows are over.  The economy is different. The world is different.  And we need to prepare our students to compete in the new economy, and to win.  

So, because both education has changed, and legal requirements have changed, space is used differently now.  One of the greatest things about the new location is that it will enable the high school to grow and change if it has to - it is not landlocked like the old location.  Believe me, this question, and many others, were asked and discussed before the recommendation was made!

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