Thursday, September 11, 2014

Let's have a merry rest of the day!

I have some relevant content to post.  But for now, I need real cheering up, and I'm not the only one.  This is Sammy Davis Jr.'s cover of Talk To The Animals.  Don't just smile indulgently and move on - turn up your volume to loud as polite and listen to it.  Trust me, I'm a doctor.  I mean it.  Listen.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Some Answers (IV)

(Disclaimer: The following is my own take on things, and I am not speaking for anyone else. I'm posting as a person, not as a member of the school board. This blog is for my feelings about the school board, not necessarily representing them. This is me, not CFSD. Got it?

The official word on all things bond related is here: .)

What happens if the bond doesn't pass?

Time will go on.  Interest rates aren't going to get any lower.  They will probably get higher.  Construction costs will go up.  Right now, we are going to get a good deal on the property - hopefully that won't change, but it might.  And population will go up, the students freezing in "portables" this winter will have another year of it.  And the issue will go on the ballot again, because the need will still be there.  Only it will cost us all more money.  And it will give people the opportunity to complain about lack of long-term planning, when the crisis hits.

We did this right.  We actively pursued feedback from the community, not only so everybody could comment on this plan, but shape it as well.  This included community meetings, surveys, a polling firm, visits to every building and surveys to district staff, and a lot of informal open conversations.  During our open meetings, we discussed it, brought up ideas that various people came up with, and they were all investigated.  And people who know me know that I don't back away from an argument.  And people who were at the meetings know that the discussions were fact based and data based.

This is a necessary, long-term plan. The current Wall Street Journal Prime Rate is: 3.25%  Our children are in trailers and we are refusing pre-school money from the state because we have no room.  If you went on one of the high-school tours, you know exactly what we are talking about on that front.  It's time to act.